Luke & Carley

Last week I received an email from one of our customers and had to share it with you. Luke bought a personalised mini love letter necklace from us a little while ago, for his girlfriend Carley. Then later on had an idea to purchase a second little love letter on its own that was etched with 'will you marry me?'. He then whisked her off to Amsterdam for the weekend as a surprise. He secretly changed over the love letter inside the locket when she wasn't looking and proposed to her on the bridge and captured this amazing photograph as she re-opened the locket and read the new message inside! 
Luke then told me there was more to the story - "Then we got in a rick shaw to a cocktail bar where i had secretly organised her friends and family to be, i also flew in my parents and brother from Dubai. Then the tears really started to flow." I think these photos is fantastic and is also a wonderful story - she said yes! Congratulations to Luke & Carley on your engagement!

Carley opening her love letter necklace that read 'will you marry me?'

The happy couple

And now also available in sterling silver