Riviera Style at The Fashion & Textile Museum

On Friday we visited the Riviera Style exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum, London. The exhibition which brings together over 100 years of beach and swimwear shows the extensive history of both our relationship with the seaside and of the use of fabric in our clothing. The exhibition is fun and the brightly coloured array of clothing clearly map the advancing style and technical development of swimwear from the 19th to the 21st century.

The exhibition is a great summer outing and will keep the whole family suitably entertained. If like us you know little about the swimwear industry, its constant technical progression and its cutting edge understanding of style, you too will come away in ore, delighted that we have moved on from the woollen swimsuit!

There is a great gift shop on site which houses, books, jewellery, cards and home accessories, they are currently stocking a selection of our nautical and geometric style products including coasters, necklaces and cufflinks.

The exhibition is on show until the 13th September. More information 
can be found here.

Photographs from the exhibition including vintage black and white fashion photographs from the 1950's, swimsuits from the 1920's and swimming hats from the 1960's & 70's. 

From top left: The museum gift shop / Exhibition poster / Museum Cafe / Our products on display in the museum gift shop

From top left: Wooden Compass Cufflinks, £35 / Wooden Geometric Triangle Necklace, £30 / Arrow Disc Necklace, £30 / Set of Four Wooden Anchor Coasters

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