Personalised Corporate Gifting

Christmas is a great time of year in our studio, spirits are high, the biscuit tin is always full and we love making, packing and sending so many sentimental christmas present.

We know that Christmas is also a great time in so many other businesses, but understand that what can make it a little more stressful are those corporate and employee gifting decisions. Why not do away with generic corporate gifts this Christmas and allow us to help you give your clients and employees impressive personalised and eco-friendly gifts to be cherished.

We offer personalised corporate gifting options across our full range of products and are always happy to discuss creating bespoke designs to fit your specifications.

Whether you are looking for corporate gifts to give to clients or products to gift to your employees, we can create jewellery, gifts and accessories that are tailored to you and your business.

We can create products using your logo, a specific design you have created, personalised messages or we can work with you to develop something suitable.

With both laser cutting and assembling done in house, we are able to provide a very fast turnaround for samples and orders. We are able to make products in any quantity and there are no minimum orders.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our service and what we can offer you and your business: email or call us on 01273 748868

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